Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is a natural follow on to Baby Massage and provides further opportunities for parent and baby to socialise with others.

Baby Yoga compliments Baby Massage, it builds on your baby’s physical and mental development and will aid baby’s brain development, coordination, balance and sensory and motor skills and continues to enhance bonding and attachment.

Gentle Post-natal exercises for Mum are included; it doesn’t matter if you have never practised Yoga before as the moves are simple and straight forward.

Classes start with simple stretches for Mum and a warm up for baby before lots of interaction and action rhymes to stimulate and gently exercise  your baby’s muscles (without using force).

Suitable from approximately 3 months to walking age.

Benefits of baby yoga

Enhances bonding and attachment, promotes improved balance and coordination, muscle development, motor skills, brain development, Strengthens baby’s bodies, develops reflexes, physical confidence and spatial awareness.

Baby Yoga can give relief from Colic and Crying, Teething discomfort, Constipation, Digestive problems, Slow Weight gain, Feeding difficulties and Sleep issues.

As well as practicing Yoga moves I also incorporate sensory play into the classes to keep it fun and interactive for babies.

Classes are interactive and fun providing the opportunity to spend quality 1-1 time and make friends at the same time. Siblings are welcome to come too especially if childcare is an issue, I recommend you bring a doll with you so your older child can copy what you are doing and join in.

Course details

Baby Yoga course runs over 4 consecutive week, each session lasting 1 – 1.5 hours.

All Yoga Moves will be demonstrated on a doll.

Classes are completely baby led so no need to worry if your baby needs a feed, sleep, nappy change or just wants to watch, feel free to attend to their needs in the knowledge that you will have lots of opportunity to watch the demonstrations and practice the strokes.

Classes are held in Small groups or 1-1, In-home environment, I am also happy to run Classes for groups of friends in their own homes.

1-1 courses can be delivered at a time to suit you, you may find this useful if you have twins, an older child or are unable to attend a group.

Dates & Pricing:

Date: Various days and times are available

Duration: 4 Weeks (1 Session per week lasting 1 – 1.5hrs)

Price: £35 per family

Please contact me by Email: or call me on: 07880 334 480 if you have any questions or wish to book your place on this course.

*Note: Courses must be paid for in advance. Full details of what you will need, locations of classes and times will be emailed to you when you book your place