Here are some of the things parents are saying about Baby Day Massage!

We thoroughly enjoyed our 5 week baby massage course. Sue is very knowledgable and her passion for babies and their development is fantastic. The course is delivered in a peaceful and relaxed environment and Sue makes you feel very at home.

Each week, we focussed on a different area of baby’s body but Sue also went back over what was learnt the previous week which was really helpful when suffering from a severe case of baby brain! 🙂

At the end of the course, Sue supplied a really helpful booklet and crib sheet of all the massage strokes which were demonstrated which is very useful aid to keep. Rory also got a certificate too!

Sue is a lovely lady and I would highly recommend her classes to anybody in the area. It is a special way to bond with your baby whilst getting to meet other parents and you also get the benefit of Sues multiples years of experience too.

Thank you very much x

– Amy


Without a doubt, Sue’s class is a favourite part of mine and Sonny’s week. The environment is so relaxed and meeting other mums in similar situations has been wonderful.

Sue not only provides great massage techniques, she gives the best advice which gets us out of trouble week in, week out!

When Sonny was 6 weeks old he had terrible colic and I was at my wits end. Sue showed me colic massage which I did everyday and within 2 weeks his colic was on its way out.

Sue’s the ultimate go-to girl for anything baby related. We’re so lucky to have her and we’re both over the moon she’s become a most trusted friend. If you live in the area, I can’t recommend this class enough. Hope to see you there x

– Laura


it’s been 2 years since we completed our baby message course with Sue but we loved it!

I remember the group was so relaxed and Sue offered great one-on-one support and a lot of laughs too. When we do decide to have baby number 2 we will be going to Sue for baby massage classes again



Fab sessions, I booked a course with a group of friends, Sue was lovely and we all enjoyed it. I use the techniques everyday and has helped with bonding thanks Sue!